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  • The giant game world of Grimfall is waiting to be explored by you. Can you secure the last resources?

  • Landscapes shaped with precision provide variety, limited resources are the challenge.

  • Your capital city is the centre of your kingdom. Enhance it with new buildings and train your troops!

  • Select your units cautiously, for only cleverly assembled armies have the chance for victory!

  • Send your troops on a raid and hold your own against enemies in the vicinity.

  • Mine the valuable resources in your villages. But watch out! Pillagers and conquerors are just waiting for their chance to swoop in...

  • After a volcano eruption, the heavens were darkened by black clouds and a deadly frost spread through the kingdom.

  • Furthermore, the king is suffering from a mysterious illness and his kingdom is in turmoil. Will you help the princess save it?

  • So use your sparse resources carefully to forge a mighty kingdom!

  • Let fellow players tremble at your feet! Become the mightiest general of the game round!

  • Off into battle!

  • The world of Grimfall awaits you!

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You're new and need help?

"Greetings. The princess sent me to you; she thinks that you may need some help with your first official business in Grimfall. I don't want to ride on anyone's coat tails, but I've seen a lot in my time and have picked up one or two pieces of wisdom here and there. Perhaps I could give you some useful advice and welcome you on behalf of Grimfall."


You're stuck? Visit the tutorial area and find out useful tips for your first foray into Grimfall. You can ask questions about the game here and find powerful strategy guides for your expeditions.

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Meet your fellow players... and your opponents! Find allies for your alliance and exchange info about the best strategies and stories about your most legendary battles!

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